Akbulut Street Project

Akbulut Street Project
The most basic needs of our people have been the desire to shape the habitat of the people according to the natural conditions for centuries, and to be able to go beyond the requirements and requirements in time and to become the pleasures and preferences.

With contemporary architectural design in harmony with the natural surroundings, you are commited with a living space where you can raise your children safely, peacefully and happily.

Apart from the city complex, it’s like a warm windy wind before you get away from the city center

We present this project as a building block that can address both your need for housing and your needs as well as modern and personal pleasures.

It provides you with a detailed description of your needs, designed to make your life easier and more livable

Security-controlled input-output
24 hour closed circuit camera monitoring system (surround lighting and garden wall)
Video playground for children
Building access monitoring system

2nd Floor (2 + 1) Front Side

2nd floor (2 + 1) Rear side

Dublex (4 + 1) 3rd Floor (including Terrace) Front Side

Dublex (4 + 1) 3rd Floor (Including Terrace) Rear Side

Ceiling Hidden Illuminations
Wooden Interior and Doors with Decorated Wooden Coating
Coated Steel Door
Wooden View Double Glass PVC Windows
Natural Stone Coating on the Facade, Compaction Coating on the Facade
Class A Laminate Flooring Floor Coverings
Lineadecor Kitchen
Coating Bathroom Cabinet Vitra Ceramic
TSE and CE Certified 1st class elite materials in all fields

Air conditioning preparation
Built-in Kitchen
7/24 Security-Camera System
Modem Landscape Arrangement