About Us

Akbulut Construction was established in 2007. Akbulut Construction, who had a passion for understanding people and the building together with their surroundings, succeeded to be a “Brand in the Home” by performing other “firsts” in time. “Akbulut standard” is a referenced reference obtained in the qualification. It was the product of an “uncompromising quality” concept with 245 houses in a very short time.


While responding to the rapidly changing expectations of the modern world with the right solutions, it is not aimed at reaching the “summit” in development, success, recreation and service but rather creating the point where the road is made. Mütheahitlik requires, above all, respect for commitment to creativity in the project itself. The break point of the project is the sense of sensitivity that will be exhibited while making it imaginative.

We aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by believing that every new project we complete will bring brand-new values ​​to our corporate accumulation, which aims to bring life and life to a better level.